Products & Services

Interior, exterior design and execution

Our team of experienced and qualified designers and engineers and technical specialists will identify the optimal solution of interior and exterior design that meets your needs and requirements and provide complex service starting from the drawings to key handover condition. See our featured projects

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Furniture manufacturing and trading

Our master craftsmen are creating Render brand products with special solutions, in conformity with the customer’s requirements, with materials such as wood, stone, metal and leather using the latest CNC technology equipment.

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Decoration, furniture material and equipment trading

Render LLC delivers interior & exterior decoration, furniture materials and fittings along with after-sales services assuring the advanced technology that meets the international standards. We cooperate with German Häfele and Austrian Fundermax companies as their official distributer and supplier in Mongolia offering their products to our customers.

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A team with 8 years of experience in this field works on construction developing, remodeling, electricity, clean water installation, outdoor modeling from the planning to the final handover of keys.

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